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Foods That Can Cause Yellow Teeth

Yellow Teeth

19 Nov Foods That Can Cause Yellow Teeth

Experts tell us that we’re supposed to eat the most colorful foods because they contain healthy ingredients such as antioxidants. However, the more vividly colored foods are also some of the foods that are most likely to cause yellow teeth due to compounds called chromogens that give the foods their trademark colors. A general rule of thumb is that if the food can stain your white shirt, it’ll stain your white teeth.

Besides chromogens, food might contain tannins. Tannins are the compounds that gives a glass of wine its bite. It’s also present in tea. Tannins also make it easier for stains to stick to a tooth’s surface.

Acids also weaken tooth enamel. A tooth without a solid layer of enamel is far more likely to stain. So, even if the acidic food or drink doesn’t itself stain the teeth, it makes it possible for the next thing that we consume to cause yellow teeth.

Here’s a look at some of the chief stain-producing foods in our kitchen.


Who doesn’t enjoy curry chicken? But curry is one of the more notorious foods for staining teeth. Try to counterbalance the effect of curry with vegetables or fruit which will make it more difficult for the stain to set in.



Berries can be a healthy addition to any meal, but their deep rich color can stay with you for a long time unless you rinse well after eating them.

Pasta sauce

Pasta sauce is a staple of many homes. But those tomatoes pose a risk to your teeth. They are highly acidic. Their acid will etch the surface of teeth, making it much easier for colorful foods to leave a stain. In addition to rinsing after your meal, you can also eat a leafy green salad before eating pasta sauce. The greens possess chemicals that will help protect teeth from acid.

Balsamic vinegar

Even when you’re eating a healthy salad, you have to be careful about staining your teeth with the acid in balsamic vinegar. The greens in your salad provide a degree of protection against the acid. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to make sure you rinse afterward.


No surprise here. Heavy coffee drinkers are living proof of the power of this beloved beverage to leave you with yellow teeth.


But here is a surprise: tea with its tannins is even worse at staining teeth than coffee. And that includes white tea.


Probably no one has to tell you that wine is full of acid that can destroy valuable tooth enamel. But did you know that white wine is even more acidic than red wine? Don’t let its lack of color fool you. It poses a severe risk to the health of your teeth. Its acid and tannins make the enamel more vulnerable to staining by other food and beverages.

Soft drinks

Doctors tell us to cut back on soft drinks because too much sugar is bad for us. Sugary sodas are also acidic. So there are at least two reasons to go easy on the soft drinks.

Sports drinks

Some athletes and trainers swear by the effectiveness of sports drinks. Whether or not they help the body is debatable, but what isn’t in question is that have enough acid to remove tooth enamel.


Lemonade is part of our childhood summers. But lemonade does more than etches memories. Its acid also etches enamel. And once that happens, our teeth are ready to be stained by the next colorful food we consume.


That eye-catching color of candy comes at a cost. The same chemicals used to make your favorite treat a bright pink, a brilliant blue or an arresting red will also attack your teeth, making them a sickly yellow.

The Fight Against Yellow Teeth

No one could be expected to avoid every food and drink that presents a danger to our teeth. Instead, you can take steps to minimize the damage. If possible, you should try to brush our teeth within 30 minutes of eating or drinking. When brushing isn’t feasible, you should rinse our mouth with water or milk. Milk will counteract acid. A straw can also keep teeth from being exposed to certain liquids.

And if you don’t want yellow teeth, don’t forget to keep your dental appointment. Think of your tooth surface as the surface of your car. The better the shine, the less likely the paint is to have anything stick to it. If you keep your teeth professionally polished, it will also be less likely that anything will ruin your gorgeous smile.